Our commitment is to provide to our customers the best products from the most renowned international brands at affordable prices and in the right times, using for this the latest technologies and innovative systems; allowing us to monitor the global health market and share Information with our clients in order to help them make informed decisions about these topics.

WCA is one of the main players in the distribution and wholesale market, covering areas such as dental, pharmaceutical and medical products for healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and pharmacy chains. Waldemar Carrasquero & Associates is a family company, born in Venezuela in 1994 and settled in the United States of North America in 2010.

Medical and Dental

W.C.A. It is a company dedicated to sales and wholesale distributions of consumer products, medical, hospital, pharmacological, surgical and dental materials that were born in Venezuela in 1994 and was established in the United States of North America as of 2010.

Consumer products

We specialize in the distribution of high-quality products that are required by the different areas of consumption; serving to our primary market stores for government employees and diplomats characterized by closed markets that have tax exemptions.

Security and Logistics

We are specifically targeting the Latin American market in which we have worked for more than 20 years, working on all types of needs in the area and the security perimeter of ports, airports, and customs, military and justice facilities; as well as government security campaigns, mass events, prisons, VIP security and private companies.