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AMERICAN SCIENCE & ENGINEERING AS & E. More than 50 years in the design and development of X-ray equipment that are commonly used in cargo inspection inside and outside the different facilities such as Customs, Airports, Military Installations, prisons, etc

Our Partners

We have the representation of this company for the Territory of the Republic of Paraguay which constitutes an important challenge due to its geographical position within the so-called triple border of Mercosur, one of the sites with the highest volume of contraband in the world.

COTECNA INSPECTIONS. One of the leading companies worldwide in commercial inspections and certifications for over 35 years, founded in Switzerland in 1974 by Mr. Elie Massey. According to the latest report from the World Customs Organization (WTO), it operates more than 50% of contracts for non-intrusive inspection worldwide. Operating partners of WCA in the Merchandise Inspection contract through non-intrusive procedures in the Republic of Paraguay.

SMITH DETECTION. One of the largest manufacturers of cargo security and inspection equipment in the world with more than 2,500 employees and sales of more than 500 million US dollars.

Our market

We are specifically aimed at the Latin American market where we have been managing for more than 20 years, covering all kinds of needs in the area of ​​physical and perimeter security of ports, airports, customs, military and justice installations, government security campaigns, mass events, prisons, security of personalities, as well as private companies which, by their nature, require strict security protocols, either for the handling of cargo, correspondence or personnel.


Waldemar Carrasquero & Asociados It offers the public and private authorities the possibility of implementing fully electronic and automated non-intrusive inspection procedures as well as the necessary advice to develop and undertake the total modernization of the cargo inspection processes according to the needs specific requirements of the clients while complying with the international requirements and the recommendations of the global customs organization within the SAFE normative framework. Beyond this, Waldemar Carrasquero & Asociados offers total integration processes between the new technologies and the existing port customs management and operation systems.

Non-Intrusive Inspection and Security

100% of the cargo to be exported to the US needs to be scanned in order to comply with the requirements of that country (US “Safe Port Act”) and up to 100% of the Imported or Exported cargo as prioritized by the regulations of Destination ports, for which Waldemar Carrasquero & Asociados provides advice on the selection of the appropriate equipment according to the specific requirements of the client and manages the acquisition, installation, operation, maintenance and training through its technological partners capable of supplying the widest range of requirements with the most advanced technology for evaluation, irrigation control, and cargo inspection.

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