About Us

W.C.A. It is a company dedicated to sales and wholesale distributions of consumer products, medical, hospital, pharmacological, surgical and dental materials that were born in Venezuela in 1994 and was established in the United States of North America as of 2010.

Our commitment: It is to bring all our customers the best products of the most renowned international brands at affordable prices and in the right times, using for this the latest technologies and innovative systems that allow us to monitor the global health market and share Information with our clients in order to help them make informed decisions about these topics.

W.C.A. has served as an expert and reliable provider for all our clients, ranging from local, regional distributors to national governments. Among our most important partners and business alliances are such important companies as Carestream, Coltene, Kulzer, Medicom, SS White, Beutlich Pharmaceuticals, among others


Experience and Background

Waldemar Carrasquero & Asociados Inc. is the corporate evolution of a small Venezuelan company with more than 20 years of experience representing international corporations; Throughout our career, we have had the privilege of representing leading companies in their area, among which are:

EASTMAN KODAK. Popularly known as Kodak is a multinational company dedicated to the design, production, and marketing of photographic equipment. SAIC (1998 – 2001) Founded by Robert J. Beyster, Ph.D., and a small group of scientists in 1969, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), a FORTUNE 500 ® company with more than 41,000 employees worldwide world.

HERAEUS KULZER. Founded in 1851, the first platinum smelter of German origin is currently one of the largest commercial groups in Germany in terms of distribution among its brands with AGFA line that we also represent in numerous government markets in the Latin American region.

AMERICAN SCIENCE & ENGINEERING AS & E. More than 50 years in the design and development of equipment X-ray equipment that are commonly used in the inspection of cargo inside and outside the different facilities such as Customs, Airports, Military Installations, prisons, etc.

COTECNA INSPECTIONS. One of the leading companies worldwide in commercial inspections and certifications for over 35 years, founded in Switzerland in 1974 by Mr. Elie Massey. According to the latest report from the World Customs Organization (WTO), it operates more than 50% of contracts for non-intrusive inspection worldwide.